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Listen and Learn

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 24 October 2014
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A day with friend, musician and researcher Samson as we make our way 
From a 7am ferry from Hong Kong to Macau to the Portuguese international school
From a Dim Sum lunch to a training centre for adults with ‘mental deficiencies’
From a tea shop to a Creative music session with 8 locals


Along the way 
We write 4 songs
I perform in from 180 primary kids
We make a piece called ‘The Whole Earth Sings Together’
We discuss CM and the different approaches for China and Hong Kong
Hit chairs, tables, stools
Make beats, inventions, sing in 3 languages

And continuously reflect as I unpack my sessions
One by one
Analyse my processes and thinking for Samson
Consider improvisational approaches to working
Share how I never seem to stop learning
How on these travels I get back to where I started
A place of risk where in every room
There is a surprise
Musical, pedagogical, social

It is good
I am so tired after 5 hours sleep
That in the last session which includes 2 blind people
I am very happy to tell people to shut their eyes
So that they can understand how it feels
And learn how to use their ears in new ways.
With closed eyes I can relax
Listen and Learn !

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