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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 14 October 2014
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I have not been away a week yet - seems a long time already. 
Now I am back in Utaloy school working with music teacher Hannah Baldwin. She first saw me 20 years ago when I came as a one man band into her school to do a show. She soon joined our carnival band, Baybeat, and then went on to be part of More Music as she developed her skills and passions until she went to York to do Performing Arts and then trained as a music teacher. 5 years of working in London changed 2 years ago when she took on this job as the Head of Music at the Utaloy International school. There's progression for you!
Last year she invited me to the school to run a day of rhythm workshops for secondary classes and this year it is two days - one in creative music with primary (including a OMB show) and another day of rhythms and bandwork.

She lives on the 42nd floor of a building in downtown Guangzhou - here are 2 views from the balcony.


We have a great day working with 7-8 year olds writing songs about 'organisation' and playing musical games. In the afternoon I run an hour workshop for their 70 strong primary choir before a show to the whole school. Hannah introduces me with the story of our connection. A lovely full circle!



For my second day in the school I teach samba and launch her rhythm module. I see 60 year seven students and we have a great time playing, singing and dancing. There is even a Brazilian girl in the last class!

Over these 2 days staying with Hannah and Dan in their flat we talk a great deal about education and the stress that they both were under when working in the UK and the difference here. There are of course many issues in this context as well and they both want to progress up the teaching ladder and Dan would like now to go back to his home county of Brazil so he can be nearer family and the beach. The 3 years in this school, though, has given her a great opportunity to develop her skills in creating curriculum for the secondary, running shows and in the vacations travelling around the region seeing wonderful sights and fascinating animals!


Tomorrow I have a day off and I am going to cycle round the city and see what I can discover. Back to the flat though for an interview on Radio Lancashire at 8.50am (GMT).


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