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Hong Kong arrival

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 7 October 2014
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A long transit and flight allows me to clear the email inbox almost entirely as well as watch a couple of lovely films. Arriving at 7pm at the hugely efficient HK airport that  gets you from plane to the Airport Express with fast moving queues and even faster wifi  allowing me to connect with Eric and start to make arrangements to meet up.  

In the taxi ride up the winding hills to reach my Hong Kong University accommodation at the top of the campus I wonder why I am here - what's it all about. That insecurity is so often there yet I know (and hope) that in a few days I will be in the zone.

I arrange to meet Mok (old friend, radical cultural activist and performer), Nancy (from CCCD office) and Eric in Wanchai to eat and then walk. The food is great - a range of vegetables and tofu.. I'm back !

We leave Mok and head for the protest site at Admiralty. Even though I have been watching for 10 days I was not prepared for the scale of this action. Quite extraordinary in so so many ways. These photos are a tiny snapshot - gives no sense of how much energy there is here.



To witness this at this moment is very important for me and links to a long term fascination with how cultural engagement and political action can work together. Or can they ? The stories begin to unfold as we walk and talk. (here is the first of my poems - going try to end each post with one)

As I understand more I will try to describe
What it really feels like here in this hot heat of protest.
As a traveller I am not sure how I can contribute
So working with my musician friends, I can only do my best
To think about the long term beyond the single issue of a vote
And support the people of all ages in this very new tribe

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