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Five Hong Kong Haikus

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 23 October 2014
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Visits makes new friends
Tempted to keep coming back
Connect with old friends

Ivan and Irene
Harmony Music to buy
Dizi and Mu Yu

Lunch talk of protest
A cappella and europe
Yin and Amanda

We gather stories
Understand Community Music
And sing together

Rain soaked umbrellas
Only protect superficially
What will happen next

(notes on the haikus)
1. This is my ninth visit in 6 years. When I started this work in China and Hong Kong I said it would take ten years to have a significant effect.
2. The instruments are for the Long Walk Chinese Orchestra at More Music - ordered by Rick particularly to help with a project at Lancaster University Conficious Institute.
3. I first met Yin in 2005 (see CASH post earlier) - a remarkable composer, arranger, performer and good friend. He visited in 2013 with his partner, Amanda, and then last year they spent a year in Amsterdam - studying. We met in a quiet chilled Ukranian restaurant where I ate vegetarian cabbage roles!
4. 15 people came to our CM gathering at CCCD and this is going to be the start of a new CM network in HK. A stimulating evening of music, discussion and thinking.
5. The protests are in every conversation and interaction. No-one know how they will resolve. Everyone is worried, concerned, excited and curious.

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