Breath Deeply

Crossing the Border

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 27 October 2014
Tagged with: Far East 2014

The end of the trip is here
21 days of engagement and reflection
Much time on my own
So many conversations and insights
Moments of political awakening in the front line of protest.

Here is my last group - seniors in Macau who laughed and sang together


And the thinking about the potential CM network  

And my good friend Mok speaking in Admiralty. 
Without him this journey would not be happening


Thankyou to all of the people who have hosted me, fed me, given advice, played music with me, carried my bags, smiled and supported another amazing journey. 

To finish - here is a section of the first song of the Long Walk - written with Lemn Sissay in 2007

Crossing, crossing the border 
Crossing, crossing the border
Breath deeply, breathe deeply
Crossing, crossing the border, I'm leaping the faith
Crossing, crossing the border, I'm leaving this place
Breath deeply, breath deeply, breath deeply, breath deeply