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A Sense of Macau

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 25 October 2014
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A Sense of Macau - for Ash

Iced green tea bought from 7 11 fridges
Fried noodles, broccoli and mushrooms, steamed lettuce
Baked baccalau with white beans followed by custard tarts
Black coffee and dry croissants, buttered sesame biscuits 
Cold beer at the end of a long day out making music
Yet I can truly say I look forward to the taste of my own cooking
When I return home

Soft yellow and white colonnades of old colonial past
Shells and boats picked out in the black and white mosaic pavements
Grills, bars and cages climbing up apartment blocks full of faded washing 
Chinese characters mixed with portuguese script on street signs and shops
Gilded casinos rising from dirty lived in nondescript architecture
Oh I can't wait to see my beautiful sand blue view across Morecambe Bay
When I return home

Rapid fire back chat Cantonese inflections that I can't understand
Smooth soft talking excited voices of portuguese artists that I can
Never seen or heard so many revving scooters in one place
Deep rumble noise outside my window of buses carrying herds of mainland tourists
Who chatter and shout on the steps of the ruined St Paul's church
Hmmm, what'll it be like to hear a Northern UK accent
When I return home

A damp heat that wraps around my body walking down crooked pavements
A confusion of cultures highlighted by many colours of skin
Dirty grey street scenes punctuated by red temple courtyards
Where the smell of curling rotes of incense is a reminder of
The history of this mixed race, mixed culture, dynamic and confused city
Oh I am looking forward to a cool clarity of the breeze from the Irish Sea
When I return home 



What guides the lives of these people who live here in Macau?
The old time chinese, the portuguese and the macanese.
A lunchtime conversation with an anthropologist
Seems to uncover the some of the divisions,
Defines unsettling hierarchy and
The inevitable corruption which cloaks people lives. 
Not a bad life it seems
Not a very poor life, though poverty is there.
I wonder how the protests in Hong Kong will alter 
The minds of young people and their search for reason (-able dreams)
No-one knows yet, I am looking forward to following this story
When I return home.

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