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The Lingan Cats Big Band

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 16 October 2013
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After a good conversation high above the sunlit harbour
We have permission to put Louis Yu and the WKCD on the map

Angelina is leaving CASH after 27 years, we met in 2005
And lunch every time I come to HK, this time at a French bistro!

12 masters students in my CM session create a new band
The Lingnan Cats Big Band - cool!

They write a song that will develop as a chain letter
As I travel over the next six days to more and more groups

 Old and new connections will support the ideas

The late night of writing and catching up with emails are beginning to take their toll as I struggle to wake in the warm air. The busy traffic on Kennedy Road helps to stir me - much louder and more constant than the promenade in Morecambe !
I meet Mok and we go to the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority to see the Head of Performing Arts, a lovely man called Louis Yu, who has been embedded in the arts scene in the city for many years. I have been building the relationship with the WKCDA year by year and after an hour of discussion and sharing of ideas and knowledge we have a context for a first piece of work in 2014. This is very good, I agree with Mok, (even though there is no cash on the table) as we sit over tea and custard tarts in a Macau style café.
Next to meet an old friend who was here at the start of my journey in 2005 in Gateshead at the collaboration between PRSF and CASH (Composers and Songwriters of Hong Kong) when I was the MD of a week of creative musicmaking. I am seeing how we can work with them on further project support and a couple of interesting options arise as we sit over a light lunch of fish and salad. They raise huge sums and most of this seems to go on commissions for HK composers to write for the local pro orchestras and ensembles. Surely there is an idea here ! The other thought is some musical teambuilding for their staff.

A few hours back at the flat to catch up on admin and plan for the evening at Lingnan University - this will be my fourth visit to deliver lectures at this radical higher education institution. A tired sleepy hour long bus journey out to Tuen Mun past the harbour bridges, the endless blocks of flats, the new road building is continually interrupted by the adverts blaring out from the screens on the top deck of the bus.
I am to deliver a practical session/lecture to Mok's Community Cultural Development Masters Students - last week they had a Performance Artist from Tapei. I play, improvise, invent, take some risks and by the end of 3 hours I believe (and hope) that we have come to a common understanding of Community Music and it's potential power. The discussion is good, the learning on all sides quite deep.

On the long journey home I talk with Mok about our good mutual friend Dan Baron and the work we have been doing with him in Maraba, Brazil. It is a surprising end to a second day.

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