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Pack up and move about 2 miles down along the island
To a vibrant area close to a great Wet Market and real shops - airbnb

Everywhere we do all want to make the world a better place
Coffee chat with Sally - community musician from the Long Walk
We discuss conducting and arranging for SSAA and visits to the UK

Away to Hong Kong Uni for the ConFest - hopefully an opportunity to think
OMB gig to open the event singing 'The time they are a'changing'!

On way home visit the new street site being created by a group called
Dennis Design Centre from Denmark - under a flyover on Hill Road

Everywhere - we do all want to make the world a better place

My first experience with airbnb is very good. Lovely host called Crystal shows me into the self contained room on Morrison Road. Well equipped with a nice little desk, fridge etc and in the hall a great little kitchen. If I was staying longer cooking would defo be on the cards as there is a great local market selling everything with lovely fruit and veg stalls.



A walk around the district on my way to meet one of the original singing leaders from the LONG WALK is lovely - a vibrant local feel before hitting the grand shops of Times Square where Cartier rules!

In 2008 we ran a 7 month programme of training and then music development in the district of Sham Shui Po that created the LONG WALK show for 2 nights with original music, 90 participants and a great set of local pro musicians. It was a powerful piece and the key coordinator was a woman called Sally Ng who was working for the first real time for CCCD. She was my translator and a trainee music leader and the was the project manager on the ground keeping communications going while I was in the UK. She then came up to Shanghai 2 times to support the work on the EXPO project there and has since been developing 2 choirs in the city here. We meet most times i return and this time it is in a little coffee house called Corridor Cafe! She has just returned from an International Choir Competition in Korea and is quite inspired by the sounds and the professionalism of the many youth and community choirs. We talk about arrangements and conducting !


ConFest opening parade is very cool as I make noise around the campus and really enjoy my latest Dylan song experiment! Very pleased that the band coming out of it's case again and everything works - the international travelling OMB has truly been born.


The opening session of the conference is a little difficult with trying to understand and listen to simultaneous translation and I struggle to really understand the essence of the themes the speakers are opening up. The critical thing is that the room has a powerful representation of HK creative thinking and moving and also that students are clearly leading and taking on responsibility. This is just the opening session and the real work starts tomorrow in the village space. looking forward to running my Chit Chat session! A curious groups from Denmark are here as well - making a new space underneath the flyover down on Hill Road - reinventing public space within the community.


This is something to really think about for Lancaster. I go visit on my way home.


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