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More meetings create songs

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 17 October 2013
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Wow what a lot of business catching up to do
As emails flow back and forth from by Kennedy Road room

Tasty light lunch of rice, tofu, shrimp dumpling and puer tea
With the talkative and inspiring Samuel Leong at the HK Institute of Education

27 students at China University consider the issues of engagement
In a very practical way as we hit the desks, sing and make up songs

One Man band packed and ready to go into mainland China
Wonder what the border guards will make of my pink drum !

 How many agendas can I pack into a day?

As me and Mok meet another potential partner in the map making of community music we are both surprised and enthused by the great energy that comes from this professor and head of department at HKIED. He is the UNESCO Observor for the 2010 Seoul Agenda on Arts Education and his passion and commitment is amazing. He shows us round the campus and then tells us about all the plans that are afoot within the Dept of Culture and Creative Arts. It seems our agendas and beliefs are very closely aligned and I am sure that one or two of the ideas that arise from our lunch will come to fruition over the next 2-3 years. The Seoul Agenda was partly created by dear friend Dan Baron when he was Chair of IDEA and the commitment to social change through arts education runs through it like a silver river. Great stuff.


On the way back to the office I buy my ticket for the train tomorrow - quite excited (though nervous) to be going to Guangzhou. Can't wait to see old friend Han Baldwin and spend a day of musicmaking in her school. The adventures are building up!


The evening session at CU is hosted by Benny Lim from Singapore (and the world!) and is an optional extra lecture for students on the MA in Cultural Management. There are about 27 of them in the room and we do loads of stuff.  Last week it was a performance artist from Taiwan and I am told they found it all quite difficult to understand. I am very interactive and the playing and singing warms them up bit by bit.


Is it important for Arts managers to experience the making of art and to participate in creativity. I think so.

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