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Meet the Bees

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 26 October 2013
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Long run round Happy Valley, through Victoria Park
To the harbour and back via the markets

Great opening parade for day two of the ConFest
Photo opportunities abound

Wooden reject karate boards make lovely hitting pads
To attract a host of students to come for a Chit Chat

Tired legs, tired mind, energised thinking, fascinating voices
Of people who want to believe in a different future

Bring it on! 

Hong Kong University is a massive site on the hillsides at the west end of the island. It was founded over a 100 years ago and has been being built ever since! So there are lovely old buildings that feel very English with towers and red brick right through to the most modern towers and lecture and learning spaces. The Gen Ed Unit creates content every semester that is additional, inspiring, challenging and gives an interesting flavour to the place - with a great cultural aspect. It is led by Chi Chung - a musician, DJ, thinker and all round good guy. Gus Mok put us together  last year and I completed my second 24 Hours in Tower in the new arts faculty building. They hosted me very well and the relationship looks good for the future. 


This conference or Con Fest is bringing people from all over HK's arts and social innovation community to imagine the future - I meet a few special contacts for the future. The event is run by the Unit with a lot of support from students who take on all sorts of roles - they are great -  efficient, open and enthusiastic. Here are a few of the team !


My role is to add a little extra international flavour and also run around and publicise what is happening. The OMB works a treat and I decorate it with plants from the village farms that have come on site.


Then I set up on one of the lawns with my sticks and some wooden boards for hitting! A new way of doing my favourite trick - this time I use it as a way of attracting students in so that I can have a conversation with them about issues related to the conference - it is called a ChitChat session!


and it WORKS!
2 sessions and 2 new songs - one of which is a rewrite of one of last years 24 Hours songs - and says

"So what's on the agenda today friends
I hear you're fed up with all the regulations
Don't sit on the grass
Don't cross the road
Don't run that TV station 
It doesn't fit with our code"

The other asks the question - when do you feel connected to your community ?


All good and I am very tired by the end of the day and head to the City Hall for a Pop Erhu concert and then back to do More Music emails and planning and rest my weary legs.

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