Sing Brother Sing

Hikes and Songs

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 28 October 2013
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Heading up to the waterfall at Tai Mo Shan Country Park
With Gun, See and Seafood - beautiful greenery

Spicey Noodles, wife cakes and general good cheer
In the busy streets of Yuen Leong at the end of the hike

Deeply inspiring performance from the heart from the 
Wonderful Tian Haojiang - Sing Brother Sing

Late night goodbye beers with Wingo and Chuen
We talk about art, connection, future dreams and friendship

Hong Kong has caught me again for sure !

A final day on my tour.


Out to the new territories to hike in the hills, something I have wanted to do for a while. Seafood is my guide and we head to a steep steep climb up to some waterfalls. People do a great deal of hiking here and the trails are well marked and well used.


It is lovely to stretch my legs and talk with 3 friends who I last saw when they came to the UK on the Confluence of Rivers tour in July. Reckon the pictures tell the story!



We come down and get the bus to eat noodles in the district of Yuen Leong - apparently famous in HK for it's variety of food and good eating places. So good. 

I am very excited because I bought tickets earlier in the week to see a show at the cultural centre and invited Chuen to come along.


The picture and title captured me and now we are sitting in the studio theatre looking at a sloped set, with a piano, suitcases and bit's and bobs. The show is the story of his relationship to his brother (who recently died) - growing up in Beijing and then becoming a famous international opera singer. He plays piano, guitar for one song, accordion for another - and tells stories that are truthful, touching and deeply poetic. The backdrop changes with a gently moving sequence of paintings that have amazing colour and depth over the 90 minutes - taking us down streets at time in a soft cartoon fashion. His voice is beautiful, moving from traditional mandarin song, to operatic moments from Don Carlos, from revolutionary Mao songs to the Internationale!   It is intensely sad and we are both affected very deeply. 

Wingo has come to meet me for a drink after the show and we all three go for dark German beer - it is Oktoberfest of course!!!
I say my nightime goodbye to friends and this city.