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Fish and new cities

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 20 October 2013
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Huangsha Aquatic Products Market, Guangzhou at 8am
Markets, I love them, the way you see so much vibrant life

Cityscape, the modern inventive architecture in the 'new town'
Begins to look more like Hong Kong with its futuristic shapes

Train journey planning with Mandi on the way to Shenzen
As we plan a commercial future for projects here and on a 'music tour'

Two workshop shows entertain over 200 kids and parents
As I work with Chuen, my musical collaborator and hero

I like my life! 


I love to spend time visiting big commercial markets in any city and witnessing the buying and selling, the preparing and presenting of wares whether they are crocodiles or shrimp, fruit or flowers, incense or temple offerings. Here we get up early to go to a market that we have been told runs 24 hours a day selling all manner of shellfish, fresh fish and all.


It is lively, wet and full of people in their separate areas each with a special offer and the salesmen, the clerks, the carriers and the people who make sure everything is up to scratch. In the main fish are sold and then transported in massive blown up plastic bags, typically efficient and cheap for China. We see a bit of everything and people are so friendly it is lovely as we walk around with eyes on stalks.


My second sightseeing is around the new town district where the new developments are happening with the IFC, the Opera House, the stadium built for the Asian Games in 2010 and a whole set of new skyscrapers. It is quite lovely in some ways and a world away from our early morning market.


Time to leave and I thank another great pair of hosts who have shared their lives with me for a short little while - this trip is now 3 weeks old and I have been looked after so well everywhere. A great privilege.

On the train journey with Mandi (our China partner) we discuss deeply what has happened and how we can turn the learning into future plans. It is surprisingly good conversation with 2 new ideas to develop and share. Unfortunately it means I don't get to look out of the windows as we travel the hour to the next huge city - Shenzen - right on the border with Hong Kong and considered one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

Here I am delivering 2 separate 2 hour long workshop / shows for students at a private music school. It is a mid term treat from the director and is very well set up and advertised. I have invited my good friend and collaborator from Hing Kong - Chuen - to come and share the session and translate for me. He is an amazing communicator and musician so I am looking forward to working together again.


It goes very well and is packed with the first session for 3 - 8 year olds and their parents and the second in the evening for 10-15 year olds. Hard sweaty work with a World Musical Tour and a One Man Band show! We also make a new song to celebrate the centre sung in Mandarin and English. (Notice the banner in the photo!)


All good and finally me and Chuen go out for a late night snack in a very upmarket redone industrial zone called The Loft before he heads back to HK and I head, exhausted, to sleep.

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