First meetings  are good

Day One

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 15 October 2013
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Meet with Mok, start the strategy dance
Share knowledge, ideas and thoughts

Play with a mixed group of 25 young people
We celebrate the Festival of Cheung Ye with rhythm and song

Share ideas at roundtable with 18 interested musicians and artists
All striving to define what they do and want to do in the future

Eat a first communal round table meal with old friends
Finding our common ground

Day one - building the pathway 

The 2 weeks of work starts with breakfast on the balcony overlooking Hong Park in my lovely home stay apartment where I sit and chat with a man from Madagascar who is here to do some commodity trading !
The very familiar MTR journey up to Shek Kip Mei follows and I walk down the hill to the Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC) and the office of our partners here CCCD. Gus is alone in the office and we spend an hour or two chatting, considering the days ahead and also the possible avenues for our longer term vision of community music in HK. We know what we want it is just HOW DO FUND IT !


I collect 30 pairs of cooking chopsticks and a guitar and with these and my melodeon and trumpet we set of for the Youth College. The workshop is for 25 young people aged 16- 19 all of whom have come in on this holiday for a British Music Workshop ! The holiday, Mok explains, is the 9thday of the 9th moon and is a day when people go up to the hills to escape the diseases of the low territories and talk to their ancestors. It is also a time for sweeping graves and tidying shrines. 
We arrive at Kwai Fong and meet the group leader who explains as we walk that this is a group of vocational students who have chosen the college because their academic studies have been challenged. Well, when we meet this is a very engaged group and the session moves along in a great way with playing, singing and the making of a lovely new song that celebrates the day. 2 hours later we are all best of friends.


Back at JCCAC we have a coffee with Mandi a great supporter of Moks and the woman who is organising the trip to Guangzhou and Shenzen. We talk all the details, map out the travel and session plans and get a good feel for the 4 days foray into southern China at the end of the week.
Back up to the office for email time and planning for the evening roundtable session. People come for 7pm and we are very pleased at the turnout of 18 musicians and artists who have given up their holiday evening because they share a passion for the development of CM in the city. 4 presentations from Andrew, Cat, Chuen and myself and then we talk and talk. The questions raised are just right and show an intelligence, understanding and a desire for future development that is refreshing and challenging. How can we help this to move on ?

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