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ConFest to Street Party

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 27 October 2013
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Today I managed to reduce my inbox of emails
And started the report of this epic 2 weeks

 Completed the songs from the Changemakers ConFest
And prepared my set for the afternoon show

Went down to Hill Road to play with the people
In their wooden village under the flyover

Then played the pied piper with the OMB, 
Bringing the Conference to the Street party

Working hard, getting ready for home! 

It seems that whatever time I go to sleep my waking is early - today it is 6am and so the work starts. It has always been my pattern on these travels to try and keep up with the various More Music projects and programmes and make sure I don't return to a massive backlog. On my agenda is, of course, the imminent show for Lancaster - Light up the Streets - next Friday November 1st. Ben has been doing the regular hands on sorting out but every day there are a number of issues to support - even if only to say YES! Further ahead there is the maintenance of energy into the new Music Education Hub in Lancashire where our prime role is to push the access agenda and make sure that young people from across the social spectrum are able to find a place to play and experiment. Hmmmmm!


Arriving at HKU I head to the rooftop where the concert is to take place and sit in the sun and look out over the amazing harbour. 

Then into a Forum session where the conference itself is coming to a close with key speakers sharing their dreams for the future - there is a great deal of talk of 'I do what I can do' - starting with yourself and your close world/community. This is absolutely where I come from and I stand and give a small contribution talking about the necessity of 'connected communities' whether on a local level in a neighbourhood or in a professional network that supports and inspires. This is echoed in one of the new songs :

"You sure can feel special in the neighbourhood
And it helps if you've lived there for years
You sure can feel special in your neighbourhood
And I'll tell you what brings on the tears 
I don't know my neighbour
I don't know their names
I don't know my neighbour
We never play games"


The audience on the rooftop is good and ready to listen. I am the 3rd act on and sing five songs including the love song written to my dear friends Paula and Calvin in Vancouver as part of last years 24 Hours in Tower project. You can listen here to the recording from the tower - song 13!   Also the 2 new songs and the powerful nightime song written with a group of students (song 15) which is relevant to the Changemakers conference with this lyric

"Two sides to everything
Buildings fight for height
Two sides to everything
People in a blur
Two sides to everywhere
Bridges don't connect
The warm humidity becomes ice"


As the afternoon moves on I head down the steep hill to the space under the flyover at Hill Road where the Danish Dennis Design Studio have been in residence for a week making an open outdoor space with the local community - building with wood, making friends and 'connecting people'!


I jam a little - get the sticks out and try to get a feel for what has been happening.


It feels good and Ada Wong - the key mover and shaker who has made this happen - seems very pleased as she walks around and talks with people. A wise woman.

The final part of my day - and this long tour - is a parade down with the extraordinary and inspiring General Ed Unit leader, Chi Chung from the end of the rooftop concert to the street party. It is AMAZING FUN - escalators, lifts, 7 sets of steps and a couple of roads and we are there and bring a little new energy to the end of the party. Sweaty!
And then the pack up. 

The end of four and a half weeks on the road is near.

A late night supper with the danish crew and friends includes much beer and thankfully I find a taxi to get me rolling home !


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