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Such a short sleep, woke to traffic and birds and wanted to sleep
Couldn't - so wrote and planned and thought

Art For All - Evelyna and Samson for relaxed chat and coffee
Many links that we can make and a coming together of minds

HK Youth Arts Foundation meeting last 32 minutes and
Could lead to some very interesting collaboration with music 

Afternoon walk through the Hong Kong Park Aviary before 
A little sleep and relaxed email catch up and More Music planning

Evening of Wagner, Dvorak and Brahms from the Dresden Philharmonie
Followed by Adele and canto pop with great friend Jone Chiu at Backstage

 So many people are engaged in cultural endeavour that makes a difference


Staying in Kakee's apartment on Kennedy Road has been fantastic - the view across the to towers around Admiralty - the bird song in the morning (and the traffic), the ease of getting back here at any time of day or night, the friendliness of her and Joyce. A good find. I wake too early - only 4 hours sleep. Aaaaa. Still - today is a bit of a recovery day - a couple of meetings and some leisure time. 

First to meet artist and community activist Evelyna and her 'assistant', musician, administrator and researcher, Samson. I met her years ago and then me and Kathryn had a great time with her in Belem (Brazil) at the IDEA conference. Her work at Art for All worked with the Vietnamese boat people many years ago, in Sichuan with the victims of the earthquake, and now projects include a long term R&D project with elder with dementia and one with villagers left behind in the rural area of Henan in China. The conversation is fascinating with a key theme of how to create 'quality' art within community arts practice and how to sustain development over years. Her work as a painter is very beautiful and in the cafe where we meet there are 2 of her pieces that were part of an exhibition from a previous elders project. This is one of them. 


After the meeting Samson shows me downstairs at the Leglislature where the protests have been held for the last week against the government decision to not award a 3rd TV license to the popular choice of TV company. It is causing a lot of a stir and is seen as a political move to close down press and artistic freedom. People here do not have a vote - have never had a vote - and feel very powerless.


I like the way that the barriers are set up and the signs are printed in metal - even protests are contained. Is there anarchy here ?

Along the island to Quarry Bay to see the people from HK Youth Arts Foundation - a massive charity run by a woman who in the 80's came on a  Welfare State International Summer Training Workshop that I was working on as a musician.


She has lived in HK for 20 years and created this very significant organisation that works ONLY with corporate funding to make big arts education projects. I haven't worked with her yet - surely it will happen soon. Meanwhile as we talk I discover that another old friend - Jo Pocock from the Lantern Company - is coming over to work on a project in November. Hey hey !


Afternoon chilling in Hong Kong park looking at birds in the Aviary and keeping up with More Music admin and planning and then - yes - an evening out to see the Dresen Philharmonie at the big local concert hall. It was sold out but I got a return in the morning and have a great seat to listen to Wagners Tristan Prelude and Liebestod, Dvorak Violin Concerto and Brahms 4th Symphony. How lovely - great playing in a lovely hall. A walk along the harbour to the MTR takes in the best night time view in the world


Late night meet up with Jone Chiu - a songwriter who I met in 2005 at the start of this 'LONG WALK' and see every time I return.

We go for some beers at the club he part owns in Central. We catch up and he plays a little in the open band night. How I would like to connect him to the community music world. He is such a great player and musical creator. Lets see.


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