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The Puzzle in a Box

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 13 August 2014
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The puzzle in the box is getting some colour! This project has an amazing rhythm of expectation building. Another day in the Mount, meeting people, sending and receiving emails and tweets, testing out the Livestream, writing overture songs, making a loading list for next week and learning new ways to work with Matt at my key collaborator. 

24 Hours in a Tower - the proposition is fascinating still.  

Today into the Mount came about 22 people - young and old. Some stayed all day, others popped in to hit a drum or plan a song. We are gathering a small group of regulars including Ruth, Joanie and Bernie - who are making and recording new songs, planning the hour when they will come to write their song with us (Joanie to her daughter on her birthday and her 2 sisters in Bermuda and Australia) and Ruth (a song about Left Coasts).
Declan came in to play some drums, listen to the songs as they were recorded and find out about the accordion and George and Amanda came to talk about their dreams of rebuilding the Fleetwood Pier (this will be the 10am song on Thursday).

The emailing and connecting round the world is bearing fruit and nearly all the slots are filled with expectant people waiting for songs - from Vancouver Island to New York, London Ontario to Ocean Shore, Sao Paolo to Kyoto...

I´┐Żll publish the list on the website next week.

On Monday I met tech guru Nathan who has shown me the simple methodology for Livestreaming and we made a test transmission which worked though we were very confused by the time shifts between sending the signal and actual broadcast. We are tied to the clock in the Tower which actually runs a minute fast.. this will start every song. I think it will be a time based leap of faith!
2 overture songs that are worthy of transmission were finished as well - One about the Weather in the Left Coast countries round the world and the other about 3 word wishes! These will go out on the website by Monday.

Finally we started planning the space - where will we sit, where is the camera going, what instruments, lights, projectors, safety pins, food, screens, etc will we need. And then realising that we needed someone to come and help us derig. Rick - HELP! 

This is my third 24 Hours in a Tower and each other time I have basically been on my own, making decisions quickly and creating fast - in Hong kong with support from quite a few collaborators and also a student team of minders ! This time it is 2 of us. How will we work. Will it be mainly me singing - for clarity? Who will defer to who and when! It is going to be a fascinating journey. Breathe Deep !

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