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Calling Out to the World

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 6 August 2014
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Day Four at The Mount in Fleetwood.

Why are we here and what are we doing?
For LEFT COAST we are building the profile of the project and letting the community have a new arts space to play in. We are the first residency. It is also an opportunity to discover what the space can do, how it relates to the local community and what might happen in the future. 
In that context a range of engagement sessions and a profile arts event opens up many doors.
For More Music it is an opportunity to establish more connections into the local community (which can be followed up with future projects), a starting point of relationship with Left Coast and a high profile international event that links into many of Pete's global contacts.
For Matt it is a summer holiday by the seaside, a chance to write and develop some workshop skills (in a context with a very wide age range).

Today over 20 people connected with us and a group of 6 stayed most of the day to play and make 2 songs. 
Joany - singer, poet, ukelele player with daughters in Fleetwood, Paget (Bermuda) and Ocean Shores (Australia).
Summer - her granddaughter (12) who played and improvised on the piano with friends in Nepal, Nigeria and the Czech republic
Ruth - singer with Poulton Community Singers
Bernie - melodeon playing folk musician who used to play in a big band and has full of instruments
John - very gentle drummer who has been at every session
Adele and family of 5 from Blackburn who started the clock song
In addition there were various kids and adults who came in for moments or for a chat. This included Alan who told us about his life from early days in Fleetwood to the south of the UK, Naples, Quatar and Blackpool. He was in the mummers group Cod End Mummers and also an MC for the local Music Hall shouting out words like Mesmerisim, Condigitation and Fantasmagorical.

In 2 groups one making the music, the others the lyric - hoping that we could make them fit. Music made by picking notes and numbers which were then formed them into shapes. We then played them loads until we got rid of half the content and found a chord to sit under the melodic shape. Lyrics came from conversation about the 'feeling of expectation' and developed through personal storytelling and metaphor. When we out the two together they were completely different in every way but after 20 minutes we got them working in a reflective, subtle semi improvised song that had depth and meaning. 

With the family group we waited by the clock for it to chime and a simple uke song developed that was fine-tuned by the rest during the day. A throwaway song that could develop in some way with more careful lyric attention. 

We finished the day looking ahead 2 weeks to the song cycle creation. Starting to make a list of the people who will receive songs around the world. It's developing well and the next step is to connect with them for real and to set up listening times.

Anticipation a wonderful feeling
Like a Sunday afternoon dinner
Like the sun's over the yard arm
Like a puzzle in a box