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Polyphony and Hip Hop

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 21 July 2018
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Kathryn writes:

The day begins with more Georgian Polyphonic singing from the world famous Rustavi Vocal group, more spine tingling to start the day. Again it is impossible to describe the sound, the power, the ease, the camaraderie and the humour but you could look them up and listen for yourself. There are many examples on Youtube. 

In contrast the next session I attended was one about "Hip Hop Music as a health resource and catalyst for social change" presented by Vyvienne Alba from Sidney , Alexander Crooke from Melbourne and Elliot Gann from Oakland USA. (Elliot visited More Music last year). I am ashamed to say that despite buying one of the first great hip hop records in the UK from Piccadilly Records in Manchester, too long ago to mention, my understanding and appreciation subsequently has been very limited! Not any more!  

There were three more very good papers on the Community Music and Social Cohesion followed by the final plenary session and singing! Naturally there was much to discuss, many people felt that the conference should have been more challenging, that there should have been more time for discussion that there were groups, cultures, nationalities, and music not represented in this gathering. The main focus of these conversations was that we need to continue the dialogue, that we need to continue learning from each other as practitioners, producers, educators and researchers, we need to continue to gather the evidence and we need to continue to make the case. The session ended of course with a song, led by our good friend Dave Camlin and the party began to break up as many people were returning home while others were heading to the main ISME conference in BAKU.