Authenticity is power


Posted in: by Pete Moser on 27 July 2016
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I have been at conference for almost 10 days now and today was the day to share both performance and strategy. And it all worked.

Our Lancashire Youth Vocal Ensemble (LYVE) came up to perform one of the lunchtime concerts and I had set them up a little pop up tour to share their music and also promote the gig. 

We made music in the foyer spaces by the Sing Up and Charanga stands and in the Cafe Bar and then headed to the other building to do a full set in the Opera Studio. Their ability to sing and focus in the variety of venues was great and their authenticity and commitment to their music was so apparent. 


They finished singing their take on the Habanera from Carmen in the Symposium I was leading on Education Hubs and partnership. People loved them and I was very proud.

For this Symposium I had curated a space for 4 passionate believers in inclusion and democratic involvement to come together to challenge the status quo. 9 months in the planning I had been clear in asking the speakers to tell ONE story so that the provocation was simple and clear. And they did brilliantly. 

Carol Reid - Youth Music
Jennifer Raven - Sound Connections
Sam Spence - Ealing Music Hub
Douglas Noble - Drake Music


People said that it was their high point of the conference - we nailed it and ‘made people feel uncomfortable’ and challenged them to think about their partnerships in the future.

The rest of the day was a blur of meetings to think about where the next Community Music Seminar would be, a farewell meal and drink with CM friends, a long talk with Ruth (our PhD postholder) and a filming session as I covered a Grime track by JME with the one man band - yes oh yes!!