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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 28 July 2016
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Today, my last day of ISME 2016 was a day of two parts. 

Sharing the fascinating work of and hosting and playing with our very own Baybeat Streetband.

However it started with the General Assembly meeting of ISME where a historic change was made to the voting system changing from country voting to one member one vote. This will massively disadvantage the African countries who don't have many members and give total power to the US and Canadian teachers and musicians. We will see how this one plays out over the next few years.

Lee Higgins - the new president - outlined his hopes and dreams for the next 2 years and it will be fascinating to see if he and his team on the Board are able to carry out some of the ideas he has.


Then to meet our great players from Morecambe up for a day trip! We played the foyer, made a great gig happen in the Strathclyde Suite, had all the staff dancing and then after a guest appearance at a symposium went out to meet the youth section of Sambaybamba on the streets for a great busk. Hooray for the music !



The symposium was all about the new web portal we are creating with the national working party of Inspire Music - a PHF initiative aiming to help practitioners improve outcome for children and young people by reflecting and analysing examples of things that really work ! A team of us led by Katherine Zeserson presented our ideas and case studies to a group of 40 interested educationalists. The discussions were good and when the portal is public in November I really believe it will be a great tool for change.

A final walk down Buchanan Street taking in some shopping for my holiday and then back in the car and off home to the seaside.

Thank you ISME and all the people I connected with over these 2 weeks.

A really good journey discovery and music.