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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 23 July 2016
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We have completed the 3 days. Phew!
So much to think about and process for us all. The dialogue has been rich. The music we have made has been lovely. The ideas we will take forward will help shape all of our thinking over the next period of time.

Thank you Brydie-Leigh Bartlett for your inspiring leadership over the past few months and especially over the last few days. And to the whole team who have enabled this to happen as well. Good admin, good management, plenty of bunting and much laughter.

Today began for me with the daily tweet from my great friend and poet Lemn Sissay. He wrote
Open windows to open skies 
Open words in an open book 
Open days in open eyes 
Open. Out. Look. 

I took this into my morning improvisation and then into my group creative session and it set the day in the right mood and vision. We sang and played with these thoughts in our minds. Open and looking out. I feel this is the mood of this seminar.

Through the day I went on various journeys. 
An Interplay session where I met, babbled, danced and connected with many people.

'If music be the food of love' session where we considered "what's love go to do with it ?" and talked about compassion, social justice, resonance and scientifically measuring change in people after group singing.

I listened to old colleague Nikki-Kate as she talked about research into SEND projects in the Midlands, sang songs with old friend Dave Camlin and a crew of singers and danced with Deanna as we considered how music and dance historically engaged people in thinking about citizenship. 

In the meantime there were loads of great presentations and discussions that I missed but hey... that is the nature of a gathering of this size.

The final plenary was fascinating. After some great cheers and thanks we hit some interesting moments of discussion which Brydie bravely focussed as being the absolutely right place of 'discomfort'. Some tensions that indicate that we are reaching a deeper level of dialogue.So where will we go from here. This bunch of brave community musicians playing the field in our many different nation states.
We will see.
We ended as we began - singing.



Tomorrow for a day trip where we will connect with NE musicians, see great countryside, discover the Sage Gateshead and talk to each other. And then to the main conference in Glasgow.