We're off to see the  wizard

Charabang to Gateshead

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 24 July 2016
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(read in rhyme or sing to a lilting melody)

Waking early ready to go, we're off to see the Sage
On the way we'll visit castles made in an earlier age
Looking forward to conversations in which we can take our time
Hoping for sunny weather and an adventure by the Tyne

So many sandwiches to load on the coach, tuna, egg and cress
Instruments, songsheets, Dave and Brydie, Mary, Marie and Jess
Coaches full of expectant eyes, look out on green northern lands
The first stop by a village green, a castle and wondrous sands

The Charabang drives on, we talk some more, ready to sing and eat
At a wondrous park, in the shape of a woman, we meet at the hand not the feet
There's a wondrous spread, a greeting from new friends and a one man band
We laugh, we sing, we eat, we chat, we start to love this northern land

We leave the country and head to the city, driving round and round
And encounter the Sage of Gateshead, full of wisdom, joy and sound
We see some spaces, hear some tunes, drink some beer and chill
This is another world of community music, here up on the hill.

On this next journey we start to sing, investigate the songbook
Rounds and catches, new songs and old, stories and ...  hey look.
We've arrived at Hadrians Wall, who was he and why did he build it
The view is awesome in the green green space and there's fresh cakes at the picnic

And now it's time to start to say Adios to Dave and friends
We've seen these northern lands, we're sad that the day will end
Yet there's still time to talk, time to sing, it's never too late
This was a day well spent, a day together, a day to celebrate.