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Celebrating Community Music

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 20 July 2016
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20 years ago in 1996 I went with Kathryn to present the work I had started doing to the Community Music Activity Seminar (CMA) that was gathering at Charlotte Mason College in Ambleside and the following day the fifteen people (approx) then came down to Morecambe to visit the Hothouse.
Now in 2016 I am a commissioner for the 15th CMA which has brought 120 people from across the globe to talk, share ideas, play music, sing songs, make friends and celebrate 'Innovation and Change in Community Music'.

We sent out a call for papers and presentations in November 2015 and they came in from everywhere with proposals for couch sessions, workshops, traditional papers and symposia. We worked with the UK hosts (Jess Abrahams from Edinburgh Youth Music Forum, Kathryn Deane from Sound Sense and Dave Camlin from the Sage Gateshead) and set the venues, the schedule and created a feel for this unique gathering.

 And now they are here and we start.

Kathryn is with me again and this time we will present 20 years on. Deeper Local - the work in Morecambe at a more focussed and intense level - working with Ruth Currie - our PhD researcher.

Watch this space - the twitter feed #EdinCMA16  and check out the website