Learning about  Scotland


Posted in: by Pete Moser on 21 July 2016
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As we planned this event we were determined that it would be as interactive as possible. We wanted people to make new friends, talk a lot, listen a little, think about our themes and do some work!
As I write this at the end of a great first day I feel we have achieved those outcomes. Just back from the Scottish Storytelling Centre on the Royal Mile where we were hosted by Sound Sense and where we listened to some lovely tunes and songs from the assembled crowd I am remembering some moments.

Early conversations at tables where I asked people to share their skills and one approach that they were passionate about.


A whole group singing of The Change. 

A set of 6 short presentations about the great CM work taking place in Edinburgh including one by great friend Oli about her and Marcus's streetband project.


Very engaged debates about interesting innovative research methodology and how in connects to our practice

A delightful double act by old friends Kathryn Deane and Phil Mullen in which they focussed on the essence of why a workshop is a workshop and why it may not be ...  and anyway - Who is in control?

So much thinking and connection, I feel we have done well as a whole group of 100 and as a small team led by our openhearted and welcoming chair - Brydie - and supported amazingly by local host Jess. Here they are!