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A Musical Day

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 26 July 2016
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A music conference where I actually played and listened to music - how about that 

I started the day in a great groove session with the folks from Drumworks in London We listened and then were led in a top class directed workshop. A great sense of achievement and a musical start to my day. On repenique - not trumpet! What a joy.

Then some time to write a song for the session on music hubs tomorrow. Decided to write it as a love song - a relationship developing in a number of phases - it'll be a Weil style tango minor tune with a refrain "where will this dance lead".

Lunchtime concert was with the delightful music from Music Generation Ireland at the Piping centre. Original songs, tunes and improvisations from a group of 15 young people from Donegal and Sligo. Lovely subtle textures, soft playing, great riffs and harmony vocals from smiling young people. Hooray. A great U2 funded programme directed by an old friend Rosaleen Malloy -

Lunchtime meeting was with co-chair of the next CMA - Mary Cohen - and past chairs of various other commissions talking about 2 years from now in Bacu, Azerbaijan. That's going to be an interesting journey.

Then to play Gamelan with Maggs from Good Vibrations. We played, improvised and reflected. So lovely to be in this space - and so different from the mornings directed playing.

Presenting on Gobsmacked for Inspire Music (  was my next task and I went to think about how to do it clearly and with simplicity. What were the things I wanted people to take away. The key questions about musicality, leadership, partnership and the dignity of performance.

The session was good. I made some new connections and was able to share my story with some more people. This is really good musical work and as one man said 'it is effective practice because of the high level of ethical reflection'. and an email afterwards said

A precious stone to a powerful edification,
Thank you!"

Go to the film here http://

I dipped into 2 concerts in the evening. Great contrast between the massed sound of the Palestine Youth Orchestra playing Beethoven +++ and The Fridays (a rock band of visually impaired young people).


Finally a meeting with the great team I have assembled for a presentation on Music Education Hubs : Partnership and Progress. Carol from Yoth Music, Jennifer from Sound Conections, Douglas from Drake Music and Sam from Ealing Music Hub.

Oh yeh!