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1400 in Glasgow

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 25 July 2016
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We have arrived alongside 1400 delegates from across the globe ready to do more meeting, talking, listening, playing and looking to the future. Sharing our stories in so many ways. After an opening concert last night I woke early, caught up with some emails and walked from my riverside accommodation to the Conservatoire up the pedestrianised Buchanan Street. 

First session was the presentation of our last weeks activity on Community Music and we gathered 47 people. A great circle that included new countries and new ideas. We gave a whistlestop tour of the week with rhythm, dialogue, words and songs. Great to connect more widely and we were yet again led in style by Brydie, our current Chair.

Second session was in the Royal Concert Hall with Evelyn Glennie who inspired people with her tales of truthful open teaching and then performed Cages 4' 33' amongst other pieces. Collective silence is a truly extraordinary thing.

A little time off for lunch, catching up on life (and calls) and then to a symposium that was a collection of stories - powerful stories that for me focussed on the conflict between data and story as a means for communication of impact. I wrote down these phrases from David Lines guitar story - 'causal intention' - making a geography out of the music - furious strumming -curiosity akin to desire - the potential pregnant sound. The whole sessions about More than Music - about meaning and connection.

Fourth session took me into the Fyfe Studio to play with the Beat Buddies and hear their stories of music making, companionship, progression and joy. Some things I heard 'we don't stop for the summer cos your mental health doesn't go on holiday.'

Chats with good friends Phil Mullen and Katherine Zeserson completed my day with more great stories, thoughts, plans and reflections. 

Thank you ISME - doing good so far.