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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 17 July 2014
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And the conversations and experiences pile up. Today was a half day at the conference followed by 2 adventures - one to a great cultural centre to watch/take part in a rhythm session led by local young musician Everton - the other to watch a massed Capoera session outside in a different community.
The conference moves on and today my big question to the group was about How Does The Research Reach the Practice? In other words at what point does all this work actually affect what we do in the community.
We heard about the massive plans for Education and Cultural Development in Brazil - which seem to be well founded in policy though with virtually no cash no-one is sure how the plans will become reality.
We heard about online and offline learning in Irish Traditional music making (see and also the Creole Christmas bands in Cape Town and the 'sound' of their music. And then we talked about how we felt about the conference so far and what key themes we all felt were emerging. I am quite forceful in stating my feelings in these situations and have felt increasingly frustrated with the formality so at this point I said - Please can we talk first in small group. Which we did. And people were very happy to lose the formality. A few resolutions were made which I can share in a day or two when they have settled down.

Lunch conversations continued the theme of applied research, difference between academic and practitioner and how sweet were the puddings! before the majority set of on a tourist tour of the city and I went with Dana (Harlem Samba) for an adventure. We met Gabriel and Everton at the Fundacion Pierre Verger and attended a great rhythm session with a small group of young people. Listening and playing, improvising pagode and learning about the place of this centre in the Candoble community. Great stuff followed by a long walk back talking all the while.

Evening time a small group of us went to watch a massed capoera class. Beautiful to watch and listen to. Over 50 people and tiny kids on a baseball pitch learning from a mestre. Warm up, exercises, improvisation and then a final 'roda'. Inspirational in energy and in the clear roots that this music and 'dance' has . Where are my roots? Someone tell me please !