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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 24 July 2014
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Today we started planning for the ISME Community Music Commision session in 2016 which will be somewhere in the UK and then lead to Glasgow for the main conference at The Royal Scottish Conservatoire. I am commissioner and therefore can help to shape the next event and link it to our amazing UK movement.

Five of us meet and talk with Brydie (the Chair) on Skype in Australia. The ideas are beginning to flow in a creative and alternative fashion that will hopefully allow everyone to work together in a true and inspiring learning environment. The Salvador session was very good and we can learn and develop from the thinking that arose there.

Three of the sessions I chose to go to today are cancelled so it all goes a bit random.

I go to listen to Kathleen from Singapore talk about an elders project she ran and the learning she gained for her practice from it. I begin to believe that within the Community Music world research should drive actual and practical learning - this is something I may need to theorise a little more.

Then Andrea (from the UK) shares her evaluation of a Community Chorus project for a new opera for Glyndeborne Education - there are 2 things that interest me here : the research trying to understand where the 'unexpected magic' comes from and also the concept of 'possible selves', a psychology concept that is in one way new to me but then on the other hand is very familiar in my thinking.

Lunchtime meeting with an old friend from SING UP days, Bridget Whyte, who shares her British Council World Song project. It is amazing and seems very well thought out and above all simple. It will connect with the Lancashire Music Hub in the autumn when we will get 2 brilliant singers running a day to share the project and help develop the BC International School Awards and Connecting Classrooms project.

My only afternoon session is to listen to Katherine and the people from Guri in Salvador talk about their 4 year exchange project. So well thought through, planned, evaluated and developed.  It makes me want to really revisit and think about the Cabelo Seco project and put it on a proper footing.
I listen to a great youth orchestra and then go for a pizza with another CMA colleague, Jenny Henley, who works at the Institute of Education. We talk about families and holidays and then move onto discussing how we at More Music could get the process moving towards a PhD project as part of out next 3-4 years of local research. Interesting.

The evening with some of my local Brazilian friends who invite me (via Whats App) to Cafe Fon Fon to hear an Argentinian Bandoleon musician. It is quite awe-inspiring music. Out of this world. Rhythmically, harmonically and in it's dark mood. How much more can I take!