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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 26 July 2014
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I have made many new friends on this trip and in particular have built up a lovely relationship with the musicians and leaders from Guri in Sao Paulo. Today they suggest we go to the gallery of the Fundacion Ibere Camargo where there are 3 exhibitions.

It is an amazing white concrete building of curves and walkways close by the water on the south of the city. I will just tell you about the exhibition called LIBERDADE which features an amazing artwork with a beautiful and deep proposition. The artist asked exiled palestinians - "If I could do anything for you anywhere in Palestine, what would it be". The artist the attempted to follow that through into action and documented the result. An example - "Go to Bayt Lahia and bring me a photo of my family, especially my brother's kids" (the person had been studying at Birzeit University and has not been allowed back into the territory). The resulting journey by the artist and the photos brought back are beautiful. And so it goes on.

So moving.

My afternoon follows with the closing CMA session where I instigate a lovely circle of evaluation and reflection for 15 of us that focusses the positive and highlights some of the negative issues. A good ending for the group some of whom have now spent nearly 2 weeks together. 
The closing concert is a marvellous celebration of Scottish music performed by young musicians from the RSCM - trad, brass and jazz players joining together and bringing the packed concert hall to its feet before finishing with Auld Lang Syne and the pipes!
I re-meet my Guri friends for a great meal at a Churrascaria (barbecue meat !) and further conversations with Katherine Zeserson about her upcoming 3 months in  Brazil. 

Saturday morning I meet with Josep from Barcelona (Basketbeat) and we walk right round town, share stories and discuss Latin Americam social movements, community music, leadership and research!

A great ending to 2 weeks of thinking, talking, walking, swimming, eating, research and above all MUSIC.