Tango in the  rain

We are Music

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 22 July 2014
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The day starts with a workshop on the Pandeiro - the great and unique Brazilian percussion instrument. I have been learning in Cabelo Seco from Evany and now it clicks and I realise that the left hand rhythmic rocking is the crucial element. Some lovely songs and a great chat with Luis - a percussion teacher from here in this city. My Portuguese is improving.

The keynote on day 2 is from my very good friend Katherine Zeserson and she manages it brilliantly with clarity, good storytelling and a few simple messages

We are music - it is in us, a life experience, not a subject that can be taught

Authenticity - as we understand our music and then experience and take part in other peoples music we begin to understand diversity and this in turn leads to understanding of people and community

The agenda is changing - it is about music in social context, music for change but we must not forget that it is really about SOUL - and the beautiful release of the 'wild spirit'

Leadership - we have to empower our music leaders to be authentic, do what THEY do best within a framework of shared common values.

She also brings in the lovely 45 string Coral Juvenil from the Guri project in Sao Paulo and the whole auditorium sings together. A great model of an inclusive keynote presentation. Hooray!

My day is then focussed on delivering the Poster conversations about Cabelo Seco, the workshop on the Hong Kong and the paper about Music Education Hubs. It all goes well - people come to talk, listen and play and I have shared my stuff. The interesting thing is that in sharing the work I articulate it and clarify my thinking and see what I do through other peoples eyes. Powerful.

The evening gets even better with a beautiful concert in the most heavenly church by the Guri Coral Juvenil who sing a great Brazilian repertoire with intonation, passion, authenticity and movement. Then an Italian meal with Katherine, the people from Guri in Sao Paolo, Luis from the British Council at which we hatch up the One Man Band tour for next year! And then to finish off an hour or two of live tango music in a small bar from a delightful accordionist, pianist and singer.

Home to my flat in the rain.