A high point to watch the storms

The Hill By The Sea

Posted in: by Matt Robinson on 30 July 2014
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WOW what a day!

A slow start (was competing with Sooty who was playing across the road) gave way to some amazing inter-generational playing and songwriting from an excitable group of participants.
"I don't like singing it's rubbish" to "how about this for the end line - "it's beautiful!"

Taught piano and bass.
Leant about the washboard and bones.
So many stories.
WW1 poets round the corner.
Leant loads about the place.
An old Roman Watchtower
A Chinese Pavilion that burnt down.

Everyone has memories of this place or an excitement around it.

Another (shorter) workshop tomorrow and more time to consolidate and reflect.

Will post a short bit of todays song. Written between ages 10-80. When wi-fi's let me.