Dancing and Singing at  ISME

Lithuania and Scotland

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 23 July 2014
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A day to rest and reflect. A morning at home in the flat catching up on emails and starting to write up my papers for publication. At the conference the 2 sessions I go to are about music and play. In the first we learn about the basics of Lithuanian Sutartines - beautiful 2nd based simple folk songs. It is well presented and very warm to listen to and sing within. Some great tunes to share back in the UK with our team and to take into schools.

Then an INTERPLAY session with friends from the CMA, Mary and Matt. This is a dance, movement and vocal session that is about freeing the body and mind in incremental steps. It works and as we move around the space and try things out we are all slowly gaining confidence in our ability to make choices, experiment, be silly and also to watch and reflect. 

In the meantime I have various conversations. In one with Katherine we puzzle over conference organisation and planning and also the relevance and validity of research! Hmmm. Tricky that one. In another with Josep from Barcelona (who visited us with his Basketbeat project last year) we share stories of our last year - his travels around the world for his MA research and and mine about our UK work and in particular FRONTEIRLAND show. 

The day finishes with a British Council reception where a crowd gathers to get to know each other, network and plan for the future. The music is from a lovely group of RSCM musicians who are here because in 2 years time ISME will be in Glasgow. They play music and we dance!

I do good networking with the people from the college about next time, with Bridget Whyte about the World Singing project, with Margaret Barrat (ISME President) about next times CMA and a long chat with the leader of the Scottish group a fiddler called Lori Watson. Very tired by the end and the taxi ride home is grand!