ISME 2014

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 14 July 2014
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I am travelling for 2 weeks to Brazil to the bi annual conference of the International Society of Music Education. This conference gathers educators and musicians from every part of the world to share and learn in a mainly academic setting. The first week I join 40 people at the Community Music Activity Commission which takes place in Salvador, Bahia where I will make 2 contributions.
Cabelo Seco to Morecambe Bay - Youth Leadership in Action : This workshop will consider the resonances of our musical youth leadership in both communities
Music with a Message : A presentation that will use the results of our research into employment for musicians from BAME backgrounds to ask questions about cultural diversity, authenticity, professionalism and workforce development.
In the second week I will travel to Porto Allegre to the main conference where I will make 2 further contributions
The New World - Music Education Hubs in the UK : a presentation that reflects on the recent major changes in the strategic development of music education and examines the challenges and long term vision.
Ten Years of Community Music in Hong Kong : an interactive workshop that discusses the crucial issues around the translation of community music practice around the world.

I will write a daily blog that attempts to share the learning from the many sessions that I attend so do please read on !