Spare Parts at The Mount

First Days at The Mount

Posted in: by Matt Robinson on 25 July 2014
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Over the next few weeks I'm lucky enough to have an artistic residency in the beautiful The Mount Pavilion overlooking the sea in Fleetwood.

Am still slightly working out what that means but it definitely means that the following will happen:

A whole bunch o free music workshops,

recording session,



a 24 hours in a tower,

maybe more...

Fill The Mount with music!

Last sunday then was the first open day as part of Left Coast's Spare Parts Festival attached to Tram Sunday. We had a huge 250+ people nervously come through the doors for the first time to talk, to see the building, to make music. Starting to make connections.

A thing.

Take conversations and arrange them for jazz clarinet and string quartet.

Very exciting.

1. Take the conversations you have within the local community.

2. Record them.

3. Transcribe them into notation.

4. Make them bigger!

5. Arrange them for jazz clarinet and string quartet.

6. Record them live with an audience and film it as well!? (coming soon perhaps... must find a string quartet)

Finished writing the first one today based around Spare Parts. "i've lived here 86 years - it were lovely"

Next up:

Tuesday - idea development with something and recording session from Stephen Grew.