new town down south

Effective communication is vital

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 19 July 2014
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Travelling south to the city of Porto Alegre where we will meet 850 other delegates from round the world for a 5 day 'bonanza' of conversation, presentation and music. My plane journey of 5 hours in spent writing emails to send later and thinking about and planning my input. A paper presentation, a workshop and a poster. 
Presentation - how best to spend 20 minutes of talk in order to share my thoughts. The structure is vital and also the aim - is it to give information or to provoke change. As a facilitator I know that the shape of the 20 minutes is critical for the best communication to occur.
Workshop - what activities will both engage people and also share the story. How can the group (if anyone shows up !) help my journey?
Poster (these are put up for the week and I will be spending 90 minutes standing in front of mine to answer questions) - this has to be clear and informative AND also from my place has to be creative/ textual and a bit fun !
I feel I have done the thinking so the day tomorrow will be the writing and focussing down on the detail!
In the meantime this new town is fun and the small flat I am in already feels like home after I cook a meal and drink a beer!