Dancing and singing I like it here

A powerful meeting

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 18 July 2014
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This day had a little more music in it. 
To start at the end - I go up to Pelorhino to see a band that has been recommended on an adventure on my own and dance my feet off to the music of Colectivo de Tamboro at a venue that I visited last year with Kathryn - Praca Teresa Batista. They play a high energy ska carimbo funk pagoda samba mix in great costumes. I love it !

This was the last day of the Community Music Commission for ISME and we heard some interesting papers and discussions that touched on themes of excellence, context, evaluation and shared some great work from Canada, Ireland, Indonesia, Australia and the States.

The host team have done a great job, raising funding and organising it all and overall it has worked well and has progressed the international cause of Community Music. In discussion Phil Mullen and myself have agreed that this has been a powerful meeting of minds and thoughts.

At lunchtime I ran a song sharing session which was brilliant - can't wait to bring some of these back to the UK to Anni and her choirs and also to young people in some of our schools. Then the Poster session allows people to talk in small groups about a particular topic of research or activity. I share out report into employment for musicians from BAME backgrounds - TELL ME MORE. I have a series of powerful discussions that affirm my belief and drive to make the next steps and try and find funding to implement the recommendations. 


The final plenary brings us closer together as a group and starts to point the way towards the next CMA in Scotland in 2 years time. I have been asked to be one of the commissioners so will be able to steer the shape and content of the 5 days in 2016. That is good and timely.

It all ends with a lovely hour of demonstration and participation as Jorge brings his 7 piece Samba Pagode band in and take us through some different styles. We clap and dance and I get to play on a tune with the trumpet. I FEEL this music.

It is somehow in my bones and brain and now as I write this and prepare to pack to go south to the main conference in Porto Allegre I know that I will return to these many new friends in Bahia.