The Boy who  Danced with a Tank


Posted in: by Pete Moser on 3 June 2016
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Walk down many steps
Past lily pond to MTR.
Soon on Hong Kong eating lunch with
Old friend, great movie/image maker, Dave Clark who
After eight years on mainland lives
On Lamma Island

On the street I play
Loud bombard gong tune, heralding
‘Are you Kidding’ exhibition at the
Greenwave gallery. Remember the Boy who Danced
With a Tank and all those who died
June 4, eighty nine.

A morning in my room followed by lunch with Dave Clark in which we share our histories of Chinese adventures and experiences. He was the founder of Folly in Lancaster and we worked alongside each other in the early 2000’s. See his fun films here ( 


Then to a meeting with Jordan and Stephen Cheung for further discussion about Hakka music for our research project for the Music of Sham Shui Po. Interesting to consider the various ways that Rites of Passage develop in a community with ancestral spiritual ways, Christian beliefs and a western cultural context. Confusion reigns in a rather lovely way.

Very happy to be able to be part of the opening for the exhibition to commemorate the Tiananmen Square massacre. The gallery Greenwave is run by CCCD at at 6.40 precisely the siren sounds and then I go out onto the street and play a loud sets of calls. Back inside very pleased to be able to sing the song written for Start Again (in 1998) with Adrian Mitchell. Here it is from the original recording -

Back to the JCCAC centre for the final Ways into Workshops training session. Great group and we think, play, write new songs and reflect. Some of the comments include
'I understand much more the community in community music'
'I must allow myself to make more mistakes'
'A greater depth of learning this time'
'A democratic process with space for individuals to play'

To hotel with this view as I wait for taxi.