We must not  forget


Posted in: by Pete Moser on 4 June 2016
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A day of two parts. 
Two communities. 
Two sets of emotions and thoughts.
A day of rainstorms.

Andrew Liu asked me to run a music session for various people he works with in the new territories in Yuen Long. 30 enrolled and I head out there early with David from CCCD and accordion! It is a lovely open space with supportive staff who help make the room ready for musicmaking. 

It is HOT! The place has a lovely set of small allotments. There are leaves drying for making tea. It is calm and welcoming. We make music for 3 hours - singing, playing, writing - all the usual stuff ! I leave filled with warmth and connection.

Baking heat of sun,
little shade in the wide courtyard 
where allotment garden boxes at Kwai Wan,
(NGO in Yuen Long), need water a few times
every day says old gardener.
Here to make music.

Mok Chiuyu has invited me for dinner with the 'gang' before the big event in Victoria Park to mark the massacre in Tiananmen Square on June 4th 1989. I am happy to be here for the event - to connect with this momentous moment in history. The 'gang' are a group of activists who were there in the 70's and 80's and protested and played and fought the system. We are in a restaurant above the park and the faces round the table are marvellous. I am honoured to be there.

As the time for the event drew near we made out way down to join over 100,000 people for music, speeches, films, holding of candles and discussion. This year there has been enormous controversy with student groups who question the commemoration. There is a lot of feeling in the park.


I keep my candle alight


I am invited
by my friend Mok to share dinner
with his gang of 70's activists.
Round a table, high above Victoria Park,
before joining many thousands
holding candles high.

I meet Eric and Kiki and afterwards we go for a beer and talk and talk and talk.