Do we make a difference?

Caught in the act

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 2 June 2016
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Do we make a difference? Lunchtime chat with Yin and Amanda during which my missionary zeal for musicmaking is under the spotlight. Conversation moves to the current political issues in this semi-traumatised city and then onto the pressures of work and funding. 

Do we make a difference? 2 hour session in a high security prison for young offenders where I work with the amazing Nancy Loo (concert pianist with a passion for music and personal change) and we write a song and play and play. 9 young men in jail (mainly for drug offences) come to the music studio 3 times a week where they jam, write and develop hope. Our time together is powerful. The connection is joyful. The song is full of truth and starts with the question  'I come here today and I wonder what brought you to this place'. They all answer and the song grows. We laugh (I hold back tears as their innocence and tragic circumstances overwhelms) and sing.

Do we make a difference? My evening training develops questions about who we can work with, what we can do, how we should do it and what change it brings about. The group is growing and the music is interesting - mixing Nepalese folk songs, Hong Kong street cries and traditional Hakka melodies. 

Do we make a difference? Late night supper chats with social workers confirm that culture has a role. I still question myself, and the world I work in. 

Swimming thirty lengths
In the Sham Shui Po public baths
My mind moves from thoughts of family to
Planning my day. I count strokes, feel sun on my cheek.
I pull through the saline water.
Feeling connected.

Innocent faces
Caught in the act and wondering,
They say, why was it me? Guitars and drums
Together in a small space. I ask questions and
The replies are honest. In my
Heart I feel so sad.

Tomorrow I will blow a fanfare to launch this new exhibition