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Being playful

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 1 June 2016
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Today was the huge day starting at 8am and finishing at 11pm. A fascinating insight into the city in new ways for me - even after ten years of visits. 

Out early to go to the end of the line to meet Samson (PhD student who has been studying our work for 3 years and visited Morecambe last year) who had connected me to Sunnyside School - a special school mainly for SLD and PMLD students - to talk about our innovative vocal work in Lancashire. We met and talked with the Headteacher and Head of Curriculum who were amazing in their search for interesting ways to engage the young people in their care. The tour round the school was inspiring with brilliant facilities in and out and a feel of care, quality provision and sparkle!  Who knows where the conversation will lead?


Then to Aberdeen to Mary Cove school which houses 70 girls with a mixture of severe emotional and behavioural issues. They run many music programmes and I was booked to do a 3 hour workshop with the whole school....  I was a bit nervous. David (from CCCD) and Jonathan (guitarist who has been on the training this week) were with me and I explained my plan to them. The hall was OK and set out like this.

Over 3 hours we sang, played rhythm together, wrote a lovely song and recorded it with a band of students and everyone singing. The staff were lovely,  I entertained with a variety of tunes and songs and the afternoon whizzed by. Some of the students engaged fully, others seemed sad and quiet. It took much of my experience to make it work and the feeling of togetherness at the end was lovely. Hmmmm.


Finally back to the Musickitchen Music School for a 3 hour training in creative invention with 28 music teachers. It got hot in that room as we went though many of my tricks – graphics, numbers, stickwork, improve games, conduction… Good session.

The soft water sprays
From an arch in the sensory
Garden. It softens the journey. Laughing
I follow through rooms where caring staff with glitter,
Enable heads to turn. Simple
Ideas are the best.

Wherever I go
There are people who need some love
And attention. Music can be the bridge
That connects. I bring ideas and inspiration,
Play and communication. All
I hope for is truth.