A warm handshake

Welcome Again

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 29 May 2016
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This trip is challenging me is so many ways. Questioning why I am here, reflecting on what I do at home, considering what I might do in the future. 
The night in this frontierland hotel was full of dreams, the street breakfast of sweet soup and mushroom and spinach filled bun was a simple start to the day and the 2 workshops in the migrant workers block turned out to be very powerful and full of promise. 

What are the stories to tell.

* How in the morning session I felt insecure, out of my depth and stranded in confusion of direction.
* How reflecting with Eric we confirmed that the role I have is to inspire creativity, to play, to come with openness not polished gifts of songs.


* How the lunch of vegetarian dishes cooked in the sixth floor dormitory kitchen by a woman who teaches new migrant young women how to make food was delightfully tasty and full of new flavours.
* How the leader of culture in the district is determined to try and make the lives of these young workers better, was inspired by my last visit and invited me back to bring more energy and ideas.
* How I am scared that as the venerated foreign professor of music whatever I do is exotic and special and will disappear as I leave for the border.

We sing together
Play and invent in the heat of
The day as soft winds blow through the open 
Courtyard. Faces from many regions, mostly young
Men. Their trust and openness is
Reassuring me.

Before I leave, gifts 
Of flowers and an album of 
Photos taken over these two days is
Offered by the local Arts Officer Luki 
Singer, kind man who says as I 
Leave. Welcome again