Goodbye cat


Posted in: by Pete Moser on 25 May 2016
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The work we do is full of surprises and joy as well as hard work and challenges. Yesterdays photo walks in Morecambe led by artist Lizzie Coombes brought forth the following comment in an email

"Thank you for helping me keep my dream alive and my passion flowing"

Today the taxi driver who took me to the station knew where I worked and after saying "are you going to make more music in Hong Kong" then told me how before his fiftieth birthday he came to guitar class at the Hothouse to learn how to play so he could put a band together for the party (with his wife on drums and friend on bass). A band for one night! What a great way to celebrate.
Tomorrow I will be in the city in the east where I have travelled every year for ten years and in the evening will host the Community Music Network meeting that gathers monthly to share practice and play. 

Leaving home again 
Case packed with instruments, hoping
That the long journey will settle in, the 
Worry in my chest subside as new songs help me 
And others understand, who we
Are and what we do

The ginger cat leaps
From my warm lap to search inside
The suitcase. He leaves a catnip owl and
Races round the blond wood floor, under the piano
looking for something, nothing at 
all. Something again.