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Old Friends

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 31 May 2016
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It seems I am more and more in the zone. Spent the morning in my room writing proposals for future work in the UK, developing the ideas for the 9 hour training workshop I am running in the evenings this week and reading. Lunch was at a lovely place within the Heritage space where I am staying and felt very chilled even though the heat was intense outside.  

Then to a meeting with amazing artist and collaborator Evelyna to go visit an elders centre in Sham Shui Po to see about a series of sessions as part of the Rites of Passage project here. On the way from the MTR (metro) we talked about the challenges we face in our work - so many similarities though she is able to spend much more time as an artist than I can. I played accordion at the centre with some women in a guitar class and then we sat with the NGO staff and talked - they tell of the rejected food from the market they collect to give to the community on this very poor estate.

Evelyna had all the right questions and such a great manner and approach. Lovely to see her in action.


Second meeting of the afternoon was with Jordan the researcher on the project who has completed almost 40 interviews with people. We are searching for the Music of Sham Shui Po and the research is producing some fascinating results (more later on this). Mok and David from CCCD were there too and I asked some searching questions about the work, the research and the next steps.
At 7pm my Ways into Workshops session began. 11 people. Interesting group. I worked hard as we played and sand and made songs and reflected a great deal. This has been my mantra for the trip. To make sure that there is a great deal of reflection and thinking as part of all the training. 

Finally my good musical buddy, A Chuen, came to meet me to go out and we ate great simple BBQ veg and fish at his favourite street place. With a group of others. Good end to the day.

I eat simple stir 
Fried veg and rice cooked by elders.
Heritage House kitchen. A glorious
Simple concept brings meaning and very good tastes.
Outside in the heat a piano
Waits to be played. 

End of the night with
Friends on the street. Barbeque fish,
Aubergine, sweet mushrooms. I am blessed by
The connection and the beer. The conversation 
Moves to football, a shared passion.
So much in common.