Great friend Eric is with me

In song

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 28 May 2016
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Today I came to the northern part of the huge city of Shenzhen where I am working in the community of Dalang. 2 days of quiet relaxed workshops to involve young people and migrant workers in musicmaking - experimenting, improvising and engaging people in new music.

I met Eric (our great friend and collaborator from HK) at 8.30am close to the border and then we travel over together and are met by Luki (local arts officer). An hour of driving across this huge city followed by lunch and then a workshop with a great childrens choir - opening up voices and experimenting, sharing ideas and writing a new song. All good.


Then a jam with some musicians at a music centre, dinner and finally an a capella workshop with young workers at a local centre. 


Beers with Eric in
A closing down restaurant where
We talk about current political
Attitudes in Hong Kong. It doesn't look any
Brighter than the UK. People
Not sure what they want.

I think back to the 
Welcoming faces of the young
People at school today. Great listeners
Open to anything. Beautifully hopeful
What trust we share, what future we
All hope for. In song.