Canto Rock n Roll

Cooking up a Song

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 30 May 2016
Tagged with: HK 2016

Settling in a little now. 

Walked down two hundred
And forty three steps in humid 
heat past a huge lizard, barking frogs in 
A pink and blue lily filled pond at Heritage 
Centre where I stay. Off on bus
To swim. Open air.

Day ends after a
Sweaty songmaking training at
MusicKitchen. Hosted by the gentle
Course leader, Jack, who has gathered twenty seven 
Music teachers, all open to 

In between, I caught up on emails and planning for home, went for lunch with Wingo and had meetings to plan short term (the Wednesday afternoon workshop with 70 girls at a residential school for young people with behavioural and emotional issues) and longer term (what will happen to this Music of Sham Shui Po project over the next 6 months – will I return to bring all the research, thinking and musicmaking into an interesting performance ?).