Feeling  strange


Posted in: by Pete Moser on 26 May 2016
Tagged with: HK 2016

A long flight watching a couple of interesting movies (Paper Town and Lost in Translation) as well as finishing off work that needed completion! Arrival into HK airport was easy and the bus took me to my strange Heritage Hotel on a steep hill in Mei Foo. (Here's the view)


Not much time to turn around before out for a community music gathering at the new space that CCCD (our local partner) is running in Yau Ma Tei. 

Familiar but strange
Faces, buses, red cranes over
The water. Building bridges to transport
Lives, as so many people seem so desperate
To get away, discover what?
How I wish I knew

What was really in
The soft dumplings I ate, soaked in
Sweet vinegar. I hosted an evening 
Of music and discussion at the Shanghai Street 
Artspace. Space to challenge, make art
And consider life.