Breathe Deeply

Time to go home

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 20 May 2015
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Like ants after honey, trails of people traverse 
Huge glass atria (atriums?)on grey marble floors 
Where uniformed attendants organise 9am lift queues 
That take people up to the global offices of 
OUP, Tiffany, Martel, MVA and the Arts Development Council.
Silence in the lift.

Now Director of Arts Support at ADCHK she was the person at the British Council in 2006 who invited me to the Beijing conference that started my whole journey out East. She has moved job a few times and in this present job, as Director of the Arts Support, has a great position in the arts ecology of the city. We talk about the difficulties of decision making when funding is tight and applications are high and I share my understanding of  Arts Council England and it's processes. 

Master calligrapher and Tai Chi teacher, once of Merseyside though born and schooled here. My lunch companion on this last day in the city. We eat delicious Dim Sum in the Seaview restaurant at isquare and talk about Semay ( her cellist daughter and long time collaborator with More Music), her life here now that she has moved back to live (busy with workshops, lunches with school friends and concerts) and the current state of the UK (you can guess what I say here). She is a wonderful artist and as well as making some beautiful calligraphic banners for The Long Walk in Liverpool was the subject of an amazing film about calligraphy by good friend and artist, Paul Kondras. 

This is the end of a week in which I have reconnected with friends and colleagues, helped 2 community music projects get underway, performed, run training and had endless discussions about the current state of Hong Kong politics. Time to go home.

Crossing, crossing the border - Crossing, crossing the border
Breath deeply, breath deeply.