Crossing the  Border

The Long Walk continues

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 12 May 2015
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Travelling, travelling, crossing the line
On this day, this time

Two lines at the start of a song written eight years ago with Lemn Sissay as we started The Long Walk project. We were beginning to think about the journeys that people make in their search for work, for positive futures, for hope and for a new home.

And now I am travelling again - reflecting on the potential horror for people on the edges of UK society as the cuts start to bite and the policies change.  I look out of the windows of my plane as it flies over the Mediterranean sea and I think about the people who struggle to get across that sea by boat every day. Everywhere people struggle with their position in society and try to escape. Our song (which had been commissioned by the Sheffield Socialist Choir) went on as the traveller arrives back home to a changed place.

I live,  I shall not forget anymore
I live,  I shall not forgive anymore
I live,  I shall not survive anymore.
I live today with fire in my eyes
I will melt your arctic heart.
I live today with fire in my eyes
I will melt your arctic heart.
Till you run like a river of freedom
Till I run like a river of freedom
Till we run in the river of freedom.

I remember the first performance with the Sheffield Socialist Choir as we celebrated their 20 year anniversary with new songs and commissions. I then went on with Lemn to create the structure and key songs for The Long Walk and this ended up as a creative devising and performance project in 4 places (Morecambe, Liverpool, Gateshead and Hong Kong) involving over 500 performers. And that went on to have resonances that have brought me to China and HK fifteen times in the last 10 years. Hmmmm.
The rest of the blog posts over the next week will all be about the people I work with and meet here. A catalogue of faces and stories.