The people  I meet


Posted in: by Pete Moser on 13 May 2015
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Multi lane motorway seen from the airport bus 
Green forested hills on one side 
Harbour on the other
Huge container vessels, dredgers and cranes
Warm wind
Bus Noise
Riding into the city with Steve Miller rocking out in my ears

My time in Hong Kong is all about the people I meet so this blog will focus around them.

The key partner and my mentor in this cultural activist world of HK. A legend in the city with a history of radical arts practice that has focussed on disability art, performance art, radical politics, internationalism and more. An actor who visited the San Francisco Mime troupe in the 60's and who has appeared in many HK art films he is a good friend, an ally, a great networker and connector and someone who makes things happen. Every conversation moves things forward and allows for critical reflection of the work - and he loves food.


Is a psychologist who works for a large NGO and connected with me in 2007 as part of the build up to the Long Walk. He became a key member of the crew and worked with one particular group and also wrote a beautiful song for the show - Old Woman. He is a pianist and singer and has developed a passion and interest in writing songs with people that saw him become one of the song makers on the Hong Kong Tales project in 2012 working with a womens group in Tin Sha Wai and then with a group of people with mental health issues at his centre. His NGO likes his musical work so much that they now allow him to develop it with groups and often uses his groups to showcase at conferences and gatherings. And now they are sending him to do community music in a psychiatric hospital in Guangzhou for 3 days ! We meet up every time and talk and share and learn together.


A familiar face for anyone who works with music in Lancashire. Ian has been coming to Hong Kong for a number of years to examine for the ABRSM and now that he has left the music service is able to come at different times of the year. This time it is for almost 2 months and he is with a cohort of 26 examiners brought over to test the thousands of locals who want and need to get the results to help them move on in education. He loves the city and described how on arriving he took in the air and felt like he was back in his second home. I am sure he is the most wonderful of examiners, putting young people at their ease and giving them the best chance.