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Let the Good Times Roll

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 15 May 2015
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The hyper efficient MTR takes me north in Kowloon to very familiar territory
Opposite me
A dapper westerner in a sharp blue suit jacket with a 4 cornered handkerchief
A woman in a green t shirt sleeping
Countless others focussed on the screens of their smartphones 
We travel together.
Exit at Shek Kip Mei into the concourse with Maxims cake shop, 7-11
Lady Story and the endless beeping of octopus machines
I wait in the heat

Wake up overwhelmed at 7 am and come home overtired at 12.30am! Morning with good friend Joanna Mangonna (from Lancaster), at the Creative Arts Centre and then around Sham Shiu Po. Lunch, meeting and chilling out with Chi Chung at HKU then hyper meeting with Justin from Clockenflap before heading to APA for meeting with Indy (Head of Arts Education) and then 3 hour workshop for 30 people. A typical Pete HK day!

The production manager on The Long Walk (2009), we have met annually since then  in Macau, Belem (Brazil), HK and the UK. Every time we share out stories, reflect on what is happening in our lives, talk about cats (he has 2 that have finally made friends), share family news and eat/drink in interesting places. He went to work as the Tech Manager at the City of Dreams in Macau for almost 2 years, then sold his soul to the (stupid) devil working in Beijing for a theatre events company and now is returned to home in Hong Kong where he is reconnecting and coming home. He worked many years ago with Mok on the Disability Arts projects and is great fun and another great friend. One story from tonight is about his father who swam from China in the early 50's to escape - 3 days in the water!

Chi Chung
The Director of the Gen Ed department at Hong Kong University we have worked together for 3 years on projects that started with the 24 Hours in a Tower in 2012 ( He is a DJ playing on the radio every Saturday night, a supporter of musicians across the city and a man who believes in the power of culture to connect, to inspire and to change the world. His programmes (non-credit) add value to the ethos, values and atmosphere of this great university and I am proud to be connected with him and his work. We talk, eat Chinese food in the senior common room with views across the harbour and start to imagine what we could do together in the autumn. I leave feeling a little more chilled and connected and slightly more informed about the current state of the political change in the city.

A student who worked for Chi Chung in the Department at HKU and supported me on the 24 Hours project here, worked with me at the following years ConFest at HKU and then came and visited us in Morecambe earlier in the year as part of a year long travel trip. Back here he is now looking for work and trying to imagine the next steps. 

She has worked as a full time volunteer with Mok at CCCD for many many years and has been with me to many workshops, supporting activity with steady effort and focus. At the workshop this evening she brings extra instruments for the group and then plays and sings with us!

Ah Lo
A great character who I met on the HK tales project in 2012. He plays and collects many instruments (tonight he brings some bones) and is always smiling and brings great good humour to sessions. He works with migrant workers making drama in the community and has been interested by the community music work. Tonight he said " I have been to many sessions with Peter and see how versatility and flexibility is essential. Every time things are done in slightly different ways"